David Letterman last week announced his last year on late night guest and comedy driven television.  Dave is probably one of the MOST original and BIGGEST risktakers of any late night host.  The music, the weird ongoing soap opera surreal scenario sideshows and the way you NEVER knew what Dave was going to do with the guests.  It was the biggest ADVENTURE in late night variety shows as well as the most leading edge.

My favorites were the STUPID DOG TRICKS and all videos of dog cam, dog skits and dog stuff of any kind.  Dave has a thing about dogs and really highlights some interesting aspects of dog existence in both ecstatic and dark humorous ways.  The dog cam live slices of doggy life were a howl.

Guests were usually more interesting than on other shows.  There was more interaction between Dave and Paul and the worlds most dangerous band than any of the other shows.  He set precedent with vignettes of live comedy drama behind the scenes and stages, out on the street, elsewhere in the city and from the roof of the theater.  He interacted with neighbors of the theater and pioneered sitcom like segments that all other shows would copy. 

His genuine goodwill wrapped up in class clown lazer wit is easy to see on his face and in his work.

Dave did more playful envelope stretching than ASS KISSING, BROWN NOSING and FULL RECTAL COLLAR INSERTIONS, unlike ALL the other hosts of late night shows.

DAVE was the best since Johnny carson and was a part of the ghost of the ages he performed in.


thanks Dave.




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