though vines, rosebuds sleep;
nectars of past blooms taste sweet.
forever and gone.


tapestry vines wave
woven to land flag in wind
deep naked sleeping


back ‘fore dry wineku
there was long sweet true charlene
golden smile bouquet


goblets bump and sing
grape elixir splashes tune
dionysus hums


rows of them trace hills
showing just a hint of leaf
marking (wafting) breeze


brilliant melody
silent vineyard symphony
tasted cresendo


cork set free with pop
dark bottle erupts in foam
flutes hold notes not spilt


it blooms from her “pop”
vibrant sprays of fizz bubbly
drowning cork echos


her waves break garnet
tempest in long stem crystal
short storms sans slow spills


to thirsts never quenched
to all ghosts of long gone vines                         
to deep clear grape truth


(“in vino, veritas”)


garnet glow glass globe
fingers turn it ’round and ’round
grapes glide gladly gone


once orbs under leaves
now dark ruby in goblet
soon a laugh or two


from long dusty wait 
corks sumersault o’er gold foam
emptied bottles sigh



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