favorite game

in life and golf
we drive and chip and putt.
every swing is bound
and powered and defined
by skill and fate and luck
into movements causing movements
causing movements.

each swing is as unique
as any mood or move or
any group of words
that leap or fall
from clicking keyboard,
moving mouth or racing pen.

the game is precious
and makes every play the most important
during journeys
through and to and within
the many journeys.

we take short cuts and scenic tours
to verdant hills and sandy dry bunkers
near trim fairways stretching off to rough and tangled edges
where hazards and greens wait for each and every swing.

we all walk from lie to lie
and stand ready to touch and be touched
by fleeting moments of truth.

we swing. it soars away
and like all the rest we send best;

it falls from sight.


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