she sang to his sunset

there they were
walking the concrete
ribbon down the rolling
hills to the ocean that spoke
in broken fields of light below

his arm cradled around her as they
moved beyond the last vestige of
the strand. he guided her
taking those smooth long
sand strides with her
softly in hand.

when they
reached the edge
of the great water
where surf and foam moved
in and out to greet them
and sun fell big and bright
all rosy peach; they took their
front row seats in still warm sand

he touched her fine slim neck gently
as she leaned back in his embrace
and joined the breeze in song
sweet as strings without strings

she sang until sun was
just an echo of light in clouds
above. he stood and swung her around
in circles and then with her under arum
walked through dusk until they were home again

once home he led her gently to her favorite chair
and thanked her for the sunset song and
touched her strings to bid adieu
until she called again


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