to haiku or not haiku (odds and ends 1988 – 2002)

ghost bamboo

bamboo whisperings
spin off falling leaf riddles
pile autumn puzzles

click paint dear moments
with seventeen syllables
strokes catch long gone times

when searching treasure
buried deep in all moments
know how not to look

beyond this canvas
your eyes are the other side
bridges spring through time

forests of dead trees
dismembered, reassembled
numb, leafless in paint

halfway through cartwheels
there’s a perspective new found
these feet deep in clouds

feathers cast adrift
smooth russian river mirror
full tilt cloudy sky

humming thing wavers
on fragile limb in wind moves
vibrant flash sunlight

not a star in sight
dark deep miles of endless wait
till favorite one

pine needles patterns
ferns waving to wildflowers
north coast forest floor

night blooms a beacon
brightest of desert flowers
sunrise rosey bloom

light slips from gold hills
roses twine wispy above
shadows race away

river reflections
full bright moon of falling leaves
adrift in your light

bent arms full of sky
bare naked reaching out loud
above leaves swirling

sea birds flew backwards
until we saw them clearly
soaring leaves in wind

manzanita moves
red boughs, green leaves and shadows
we can see the wind

bay of birds blown rough
until sunset mist smooth jade
bring on the foghorns

blooming pampas grass
in purple gone silver there
playing on the wind

what’s this drop of rain
without a cloud in the sky
weather to look through

pieces of winter
shuffle soft on my shoulders
dance around my feet

trickles and patters
down the windows, on the roof
trying to get in

empty branch reaching
into next season of leaves
tangled in wet sky

dancing on lands edge
clouds drifting o’er rain falling
winter coming down

standing peoples bones
proud and dripping with gold moon
frozen in their dance

the river’s pumpkin
dark month storm long on her way
paints winding for days

in shortest gray days
around here hills are bright green
while dull sea restless

here comes the flood down
in little tiny pieces
they join wild and rise

only darkened skies
keep company with rainbows
light dancing in tears

robin egg sky moves
winter lush hills surrounding
touched by lone thin cloud

rain flowing holy
water jewels spilling down
countless until one

silver ray through clouds
slanting to the sea below
winking on the waves

pampas grass and wind
waves racing across Drakes Bay
birds and Hitchcocks’ ghost

coots play daffy games
splashing in this west edge bay
they ripple sunset

sunset winking to
my feet walking in cool sparks
ablalone sand

dark gardens of stars
blooming all the way to me
falling in your eyes

found thinking of her
despite Dylans suggestion
and Lots example

once was your window
held sweet spring moon slipping slow
until these walls fell

you’ll forever be
found between my heartbeats and
these sterling temples

I lit you a candle
in my souls open window
we burn forever

palm leaves criss-crossing
green tangle of wild angles
bayless bay window

San Andreas sleeps
on bottom of Juans bay through
seagulls wake up songs

lead to and from all other


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