flights (petrarchan sonnet)

bare feet in sand and eyes cast to clear blue
through waves that tickle moving under me.
see gulls that ride above on salty breeze,
tease times when I was flying within you.
do syncing wings make one where there were two?
few flights I’ve felt on winds this side of dreams,
screams as sky calls to yawp the deep blue free;
thee and tandem flight to new heights flew true?

new waves slow pound this shoreline into now.
how wisping air taunts softly long gone wings;
brings everything that e’re was you and tao,
brow furrowing as deep as flesh allows.
vows return memory tides as we sing,
ring of bell like strings climbs cloudward somehow.

this was my first petrarchian (italian) sonnet, so cut me some slack, ye literati omnipotenti. I did challenge myself by upping the formula, ie., adding a rhyme to the beginning of each line that picks up the sound of the line that just ended before it (as well as the usual octave formula and sestet formula). It added a little bit of zen challenge, but I doubt if I will do it again.


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