taming the storm

It’s a long rolling thunder past six
as sky cries hisses where it hits

streets gleam in streetlights
trees wave leaves in windy flights

cars surf wet asphalt ways
through lightning claps and lights like day

there’s only seconds in between
flash sharp snappy boom and winking gleam

now heavens really open dam
whoosh and swoosh and almost bedlam

of sweet september falling rain right through
I wish I’s out walking in it with you

in the early dark with maybe a dog or two
we could laugh and get soaked with true

then find a fires tangled dancing form
Near open windows to the storm


3 thoughts on “taming the storm

  1. Hi – Not sure who this poem is for but I found that the first line is a little corny (“dime past six” part) so it makes what is a beautiful sentiment into something sheepish.

  2. ok, guess didn’t think the corny start would be the whole summer there. dang. so if it hangs like an oil slick corn and turkey fart in the air, better do something about it.

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