la posta del falcone

print sketch idea thunderowl LARGE jim christ

In my childhood I’d heard the term in fencing and knew it was the best position to either attack or meet ANY move by the opponent. In baseball, it also became a habit because it put the bat at the top of the swing with no bend or drop angle behind to add to the distance to target baseball. Add distance in your swing and you slow down your time to target. As most know the shorter your swing and thus the quicker; you can stand way back in the batters box and watch that little birdie coming in and how and which way it’s flying and hissing, and then unload that short swing on it, level as possible through the ball with everything you’ve got. Otherwise, if it’s in or out or up or down and you gots to do something with it- slam it to where it will go farthest and where nobody is. simple, hah.

In the film KINGDOM OF HEAVEN “la posta del falcone” is illustrated with broadsword and a short explanation is offered. it’s been around since the romans or before.

Baseball. I can’t believe Francis left baseball outa da godfadda. dang.

over and out,


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