dis aster (aka to wish upon a new clear star)

dis aster rose in west two hours before was due
was human made sun and born to end what other star gave life to

in darkness was brighter than usual break of day
and only winked and wanned unlike the one that lit our way

and then a rolling wave from star came near
leveling every thing regardless if uncared for or dear

as I became a shadow on a wall
I realized too late it’s not a sun at all

(The word disaster comes from the Middle French désastre from the old Italian disastro, which comes from the Greek pejorative prefix dis- (bad; Gr: δυσ-) + aster (star; Gr: ἀστήρ). So disaster literally means “bad star”. The sense is astrological, of a calamity blamed on an unfavorable position of a planet or star.)

Author Notes
light is love yet sometimes light not love at all.


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