gladiators of new rome (NOT FOR LONG)

while NASCAR chariots make left turns all day
for mob swilling dew and whatever comes their way;

only pleasure is the populations mainstay
since herd’s best entertained with NFL blood and fray.

now we’re all stadium crowds or flatscreen fans on gameday
as gladiators of new rome get cheered racous and rampant ’til doomsday.

Author Notes

their bodies WERE the weapons in the history of the NFL like the gladiators of yesterday. Now we see the sport as changed by PC and modern juris prudence. Some of us played it the way it was envisioned and now it is what it is. What football was is not now and will be less and less every day but it’s still the closest thing to war you can see in team sports besides hockey and lacrosse.

football as we know it is gone. the numbers of today are skewed and cannot be compared to what it was when football was brutal and quarterbacks and receivers were targets. Manning is great but couldn’t have made it in the heyday. my humble opinion as a middle linebacker.

GO NINERS! come on Kap, see the field, know your weapons, use that pocket, anticipate and deliver WITH SOME FREAKING TOUCH, we know you can smoke that pigskin when ya gotta!
– See more at:–Not-For-Long–by-jim-christ#sthash.tdXJcNoG.dpuf


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